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Since 1987, The Greenbook Lender’s Guide® has provided automotive finance departments with professional market research designed to help understand the lending options available to their automotive clients.


Developed in an automotive finance department, the information in the Greenbook gives finance professionals the ability to share with their clients the information necessary to make an informed financing decision at the time of the sale.


By using professional third party market research, finance practitioners demonstrate their commitment to providing exceptional customer service to their automotive clients that have multiple financing options.


With an information-based transition, the overall finance experience improves, becoming an exchange of information to determine the products most beneficial to the client.


Why should I use The Greenbook Lender's Guide®?

Today’s top automotive retailers understand the power of information and the role it plays in establishing a customers overall positive experience. Marketing, prospecting, demonstrating, financing, and even servicing are more about satisfying clients' informational needs and desires than ever before.

Are the rates in The Lender’s Guide accurate?

Our teams of research professionals have been gathering various market data for over 30 years. In addition to our automotive loan based products, our advanced research capabilities allow us to offer a broad range of custom and semi-custom data solutions to business clients requiring complete, accurate market data research services.

Why can’t I just look online to get auto loan rates?

You can. And because information is our business, we can tell you that approximately 50% of the time, you will find rates listed on a lenders website. We can also tell you that of those, roughly the same percentage will have current, accurate information, which is why virtually 100 percent of those advertising rates will qualify them with "as low as".

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