Greenbook Lender's Guide FAQ

Q: Why should I use The Lender’s Guide?
A: Today’s top retail organizations understand the power of information and the role it plays in establishing best business practices. Marketing, prospecting, demonstrating, financing, and even servicing are more about satisfying clients’ informational needs and desires than ever before.

The key to developing long term client relationships is the ability to continuously provide accurate, reliable data. When clients informational needs are met or exceeded, the client who can go anywhere will choose those retailers he or she feels provides the most reliable information.

Q: Are the rates in The Lender’s Guide accurate?
A: Our teams of research professionals have been gathering various market data for over twenty-five years. In addition to our online products, our advanced research capabilities allow us to offer a broad range of custom and semi-custom data solutions to business clients requiring complete, accurate market data research services.

Q: Why can’t I just look online to get auto loan rates?
A: You can. And we can tell you that approximately 52 percent of the time you will find rates listed. We can also tell you that approximately the same percentage will have current, accurate information, which is why virtually 100 percent of those showing rates will qualify them with “as low as”. If that’s all you would prefer however, our free website referral product is an exceptionally easy to use launch pad for every lender in your area .. with links to rates when they’re available.

Q: Don’t I already have these rates?
A: The Greenbook Lender’s Guide lists auto lender’s direct to consumer loan information as opposed to the indirect wholesale rate sheets you may recieve.

Q: I used to get The Greenbook Lender’s Guide® in the mail. Is The Lender’s Guide Online the same thing?
A: While the basic information is the same, The Lender’s Guide Online contains more information and more lenders than ever before. Providing the information online also allows us to take advantage of our continuous research activities.

Q: I cant seem to locate a lender in the Lender Look Up tool...?
A: Some institutions are intentionally removed as they dont normally offer loans, and not all branches may be listed for larger banks. While all efforts are made to keep up with changes in financial institutions, instances may arise where our research staff hasn't yet caught a change in name or ownership of an institution. Our Customer Support Staff will gladly assist in providing you with the information you need should you be unable to find it.

For inquiries regarding these types of services, please contact us at 1-800-992-6661

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